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Frustration with Democrats
 by Jack Hughes of

Hey Bart,
Political parties have a common ideology and a common agenda. They agree on a common strategy
to enact that agenda -- planning common rhetoric to reinforce their message with the electorate.
To achieve these objectives, political parties elect strong leaders to maintain party discipline
 -- punishing those who stray off they reservation.
When have the Democrats done any of these things?

 Congressional Democrats are a group of freelancers who apparently don't want to be bothered by
strong "leaders" telling them what to do. Just look at the Senate where we've had Democrats elect
two milquetoasts in a row -- Tom Dashell and Harry Reid -- as so-called "leaders" who have been
utterly impotent in dealing with egregious Republican obstruction or passing popular legislative initiatives.
Nancy Pelosi has proved she is more than twice the man Harry Reid is.
Do Senate Democrats even care about "party" affiliation?
I share your frustration with the Democrats. I think it should be obvious by now that the Democrats
are a political party in name only -- they just pretend to be a political party during election season.
Whether this is due to corruption or simple fecklessness, the Democrats have squandered their opportunity to lead.
Republicans understand only too well what political parties are supposed to do. Their rigid party discipline,
Machiavelliean strategy and Goebbels-esque propaganda techniques have given them power far in excess of their numbers.
Will we progressives be stuck forever with those weak, dumb Democrats?
A third party will only empower the Republicans more -- at least in the short term.
Rebuilding the Democratic Party as a true, ideologically progressive 24/7/365 political party seems to be the only option.
That means expelling DINOs like Ben Nelson and Blanche Lincoln and the rest of the Blue Dogs
 -- even if it means temporary minority status. What good is being the majority if it means paralysis and fecklessness?
Keep hammerin'
Jack Hughes

Is it wrong to hope Harry Reid loses to that insane woman?


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