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GOP In-fighting Rescues Harry Reid
 'Chickens for Checkups' a Koresh-send


A Republican civil war might be giving Harry Reid a fresh chance at reelection this fall.

For months Reid has seemed like a goner as each one of his potential GOP rivals held solid leads in polls. 
But as the June 8 primary nears, the Rethugs have turned on one another and the race is tightening. 
Sue Lowden is no longer immune to the Republican intraparty wars sprouting up across the country as 
Utah GOPers boot Bennett and as Kentucky Republicans are sparring over the better candidate to run for Senate.

Sue Lowden, the former state chairman who seemed like the favorite candidate of official Washington, 
is taking heat from all sides as Democrats and several GOP challengers have seized on her suggestion that 
a health care bartering system would work better than the reform law passed by Congress this spring. 
The Democrats had a field day dubbing it "Chickens for Checkups," but it's Lowden's Rethug challenger 
Danny Tarkanian who has done the most damage on the topic. He's also made an issue out of Lowden's 
campaign contributions to Reid more than a decade ago.

Harry, are you going to pull off the upset?
Can that idiot's pay-your-doctor-with-chickens craziness save your bacon?

Is Nevada the canary in the coalmine for Teabagger nuttiness?

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