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GOP candidates Insane
by Eugene Robinson


Democrats may be facing a tough fight this fall, but Republicans are giving them plenty of material to work with.
The big political story of the year may turn out to be the consequences of the GOP’s foray into extremism and wackiness.
It could be that the party acculturates its not-ready-for-prime-time candidates, harnesses the energy of the Teabaggers
and sweeps to a grand old victory. There is also the distinct possibility that the acute philosophical split within the party
 - basically, a clash between bedrock conservatism and utter nonsense - will hand victories to Democrats that they
didn’t anticipate and frankly might not deserve.
Anyone who doubts this assessment should reflect on the fact that major figures in the Republican Party are wasting
valuable time and energy debating whether the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, adopted in 1868, should be repealed.

But that's what they always do.
They focus on something that affects 5% of America and they beat it to f-ing death.

Bush won 2004 because Kerry was pro-gay marriage, as if two dudes
getting married in New Hampshire is going to make me leave my wife.


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