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GOP derailed by Teabaggers? 


With polls showing significant GOP momentum this fall, Republicans in recent weeks began to believe
they had a real chance of retaking control of the Senate in November. But a major primary upset at the
hands of Teabaggers may have put the Senate GOP's dreams of a majority at serious risk.

ha ha
Who told you this could hppen?
Damn, only a true genius could've seen this coming.

In the biggest electoral surprise of the night, Teabagger Christine O'Donnell defeated longtime GOP Rep.
Mike Castle in Delaware's Republican Senate primary. Castle, a moderate and former governor,
had been
so favored to win in November that his decision to run had reportedly influenced
Beau Biden,
to abandon plans to seek his father's old seat.

ha ha

But with O'Donnell's come-from-nowhere win Tuesday night, top Republicans in Washington now see
virtually no chance the GOP will be able to pick up the Delaware seat this fall. As a result, they admit
their already slim chance of winning back Republican control of the Senate is likely dead.

ha ha
Make them stop!

"It's hard to see a path for us," one senior Republican official, who declined to be named.
"Never say never, but it has become much harder for us after tonight."

According to polling, just 31 percent of Delaware voters believe O'Donnell is "fit" to hold office.
She trails Democrat opponent Chris Coons by 26 points,

I expect the same thing to happen in Nevada.

And what about Florida? 
Can Crist beat back the Teabaggers there?

These idiot Teabaggers may turn out to be the best thing ever for Obama.


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