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GOP quickly disclaims 'shakedown' apology
 Barton's so crazy, the crazy GOP disowns him


Earlier Thursday, insane Rethug Joe Barton of Texas apologized to BP for what he termed as an  "Obama shakedown." 
An uproar immediately ensued, and now the GOP leadership is moving quickly to distance itself from that nutbag Barton.

Even the crazy John Boner told Fox News that BP voluntarily agreed to "put this $20 billion dollars in escrow." 
He added, "I don't know what context Mr. Barton was making that remark, but I'm glad BP has accepted responsibility for their actions."

Rep. Jeff Miller of Florida, one of Barton's Republican colleague in the House, called on him to step down as the
moist rank Republican on the committee. Miller's Pensacola district has been hit hard by the spill, The Hill notes.

The White House pounced, saying, "Joe Barton seems to have more concern for big corporations that cause the disasters 
than the fishermen, small business owners and communities whose lives have been devastated by the destruction."

I should be happy that the evil sons of bitches let the truth slip, but this made me kinda sad.

Sometimes it seems like the only victories we get is when the other side screws up.

We don't know how to frame an issue, we don't know how to frame an argument 
and we're too timid to speak up, even when we're right, so the only time we get a 
victory is when the heartless bastards shoot themselves in the foot.

It's like if the Democratic Party was a championship boxer.

We have a decent record, but that's only because the other fighter
keeps getting caught wearing brass knuckles under his gloves.

                      "Fighiting is always wrong!"

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