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GOP hates puppies, kitties
You're not going to believe this one...

Puppies suffering from a variety of diseases
 arrived at the Tulsa SPCA this week


<>A freshman state senator has filed a bill to repeal this year's Commercial Pet Breeders Act,
which aims to regulate the industry in part by requiring that breeders provide their animals
with minimum veterinary care, food and water.

Sen. Josh Brecheen, R-Coalgate, the bill's sponsor, said the state should not
expand government,
especially when it is facing a budget shortfall.

"Why do we think that government is our solution to everything that happens?"
Brecheen said. "The worst thing we could do right now is grow the size of state government."

But the pet breeders act - signed into law by Gov. Brad Henry in May - will operate at no cost
to the state, said Angel Soriano, chairman of the Oklahoma State Board of Commercial Pet Breeders.

Soriano breeds and trains German Shepherds in Oklahoma City and serves on the eight-member
board as a representative for commercial breeders.

"This is self-funded in every way," Soriano said. "That's what Senate Bill 1712 (which established the act) demands."

The Commercial Pet Breeders Act calls for at least annual inspections of licensed commercial breeders,
fees to cover enforcing the act and the establishment of the board, which would set minimum standards for proper animal care.

The board is scheduled to vote on those standards Monday, said William Brogden, its executive director.
The standards will then go before the Legislature and governor before final adoption and enforcement.

About half of the country's states already have such rules.

Can you believe these sons of bitches?
They hate "government" so much, they want these inhumane puppy mills to run unregulated.

Some asshole has a dozen puppies in one small cage? 
That's OK with today's GOP.

You have puppies urinating and defecating on other puppies? 
That's OK with today's GOP because if government can help,
they don't want any part of it - even if it's free.

Requiring that breeders provide their animals with minimum veterinary care?
Today's GOP says "Fuck them puppies."

Requiring that breeders provide their animals with minimum food and water?
Today's GOP says "Fuck them kitties."

How can they even call themselves human?

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