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GOP: We love big government
Now that goo is washing ashore in red states


The words "government takeover" were originally injected into the discourse by Frank Luntz in the early stages 
of the health care reform process and have been repeated in the pejorative sense by Republicans across the board. 

Likewise, the Republicans and tea party people have been screeching about the bailouts. They insist that the banks 
and financial institutions (and GM) should have been allowed to fail, rather than receiving emergency loans from the 
government in order to, at the time, prevent the American economy from being dragged down along with these 
institutions had they not been hoisted with an infusion of cash.

Republican idea that the states and the free market should be left alone to deal with problems and crises on its own 
without "socialist" -- or even "communist" depending on which AM radio station you listen to -- interference from 
big government and our America-hating president. No government takeovers. Freedom! Liberty!

That is until last month.

A major corporation, not unlike General Motors, failed to properly outfit one of its deep-water oil drilling platforms 
with the proper failsafe mechanisms and a chain reaction of death and destruction ensued. The BP oil rig is spewing 
black gushers of oil into the ocean at a rate of upwards of a million gallons per day.

And suddenly all of these state's rights, anti-government takeover Republicans 
are demanding a government takeover of the capping and cleanup process. 

Of course, the Democrats are too shy to say, "THIS is why you need controls on 'free' enterprise,"
but they just can't bring themselves the point of standing up and speaking.  It just wouldn't be a nice thing to do.

Democrats always fail to list the facts because they want to be nice instead of ruthless.
Ruthless almost always beats nice, but our Democrats can't learn..

Democrats firmly believe you can get more with a kind word
than you can get with a kind word and a gun.

Have I ever mentioned that surrender monkeys disgust me?

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