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GOP to investigate everything
Lee Hamilton will likely chair the commission


The Republican party will launch aggressive inquiries into alleged abuse of mortgages for
low-income buyers if it takes control of the House of Representatives next month.
Darrell Issa, who would head the lower chamber’s main investigative committee,
said in an interview: “We should look at financial entities and either reform them or kill them.”

<>Translation: The poor and middle class can only rent, not buy homes.
That way the GOP can keep them poor - and in their place.

Issa, who chair the powerful "Impeach that Nigger" committee, said hearings would focus on
whether the federal government should be involved at all in sponsoring home loans for the poor.

Fuck 'em - they're POOR and they're too ignorant to vote their own interests
so let's rape them blind and get what naturally belongs to rich, old white men.

The GOP is going to blame the housing crash on liberals pushing the poor into mansions they can't afford.
<big Al Gore sigh>

I wish Obama and Pelosi hadn't turned all Kumbaya on us regarding investigations.
If the Obama administration had let the sun shine on the crimes of the Bush bastards he would
have an approval rating somewhere in the seventies and the GOP would be dead for a generation.

But Obama's goal was to be nice, to be fair and to be liked by all.

How's that working for you, Barack?

One thing's certain: We'd be better off if Obama was getting
his advice from a no-education, low-IQ Okie with a tequila problem.

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