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GOP vs Teabagger in NC  


Republican officials are working to derail the campaign of a tea party supported candidate in North Carolina
circulating documents from the man's messy divorce that depict him as a pot smoker who has called himself the messiah.

We can handle the religious insanity - but he once smoked pot?
That makes him unfit for office.

It's a risky move for state and national party leaders trying to harness the power of the tea party movement 
without letting it spin out of their control.

Obviously it's already out of control.
We just need for 10% of the crazies to vote Teabagger and we could GAIN seats in November.

Tim D'Annunzio, a congressional candidate in North Carolina's most competitive district, has run an anti-establishment 
campaign with vows to dismantle entire branches of the federal government. His ideas have drawn support from Teabaggers, 
and he has raised more money from individuals than his GOP rival while also contributing more than $1 million to his own campaign.

Republican leaders in both Raleigh and Washington, however, are worried about his electability in November 
if he wins a primary runoff next month. They're publicizing court documents about D'Annunzio's past legal,
martial and business troubles and denouncing him as unfit for office.

I predicted this would happen and I'm loving every minute of it.

We had to endure the Ralph Nader disasters and now it's their turn to be split.

If we had any thinkers in the Democratic Party (Should I bother to finish?) we'd eventually find out
that the Democrats started this Teabagging bullshit to cut the GOP in half, but no way that's possible.

For that to happen, some Democrats would have to have the will to fight and that's just not the reality.

The bad news?
I predict Harry Reid is going to be re-elected.

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