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GOP wins on tax cuts
In other words, Obama caved


Republicans control neither the House nor the Senate — and certainly not the White House.
But they largely dictated the terms of Obama's proposed tax-cut compromise, which disgruntled
congressional Democrats want to discuss in closed meetings that are likely to be rowdy.

For ten years now, Republicans have been running the table.
Whatever they want, they just take it or (lately) demand it, and Obama caves in to them.

Republicans prevailed on their biggest demand: continuing Bush administration tax cuts for the
wealthiest Americans, despite Obama's 2008 campaign promise to let them expire for households
earning more than $250,000 a year. Obama, while acknowledging Democratic unrest, agreed to
extend the tax breaks for two years, whereas Republicans wanted a permanent extension.

We talked about this yesterday.
Obama is flat-out LYING about the "two year" extension.

In two years, do YOU think the GOP is going to say, "You're right. We've had eleven years
at the federal trough - maybe we should give the poor a chance at it?"  

Not on your f-ing life.

Obama is giving us a handjob and I don't want a handjob from a 49-year old man.
Obama is lying to us and he knows he's lying to us.

Did Bill Clinton ever tell lies this big?
Not about anything that was our business.

Obama is selling this shit under the banner of "tax cuts for all."
The super-rich get 90% of the money and we 280 million split the other 10%

Obama explained Monday that the concession was the only way to prevent a congressional
impasse that would cause the tax cuts enacted in 2001 and 2003 to expire for all taxpayers.
With 9.8 percent of Americans unemployed, he said, that would be "a chilling prospect."

Liberal groups were furious at his willingness to bend, but Obama said
he rejects "symbolic victories" that hurt average Americans.

Again - pure bullshit from a man who's promised he'd tell us the truth.

Obama says/will say "This is the best deal I could get," which is why he shouldn't be
in a position to bargain our future with snarling dogs who want him destroyed.

The president had barely stopped speaking before top Republicans applauded his proposals,
while most Democrats kept a sullen silence.

Mitch the Bitch thanked Obama for "working with Republicans on a bipartisan plan
to prevent a tax hike on any American and in creating incentives for economic growth."

Bi-partisan plan?
You mean where the super-rich get more than they asked for
while the middle class get screwed for the tenth year in a row?

If Obama wins in 2012, he will cave to the GOP for eight years instead of four.

Obama will need a Michael Vick-type turnaround
before I would consider voting for him again.

Note: Why are we upset?
We knew last summer that this president flat-out refuses to come to work.
When he does come to work, he gives away the damn store.

Can we stand two more years of Obama the Negotiator?
Can we stand six more years of Obama the Negotiator?


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