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The GOP won WWII?


This promises to be a bizarre political year, with GOP candidates not only running to the far right, they're veering way off track. 
Earlier this week, Republican Senate candidate Sue Lowden of Nevada grabbed the crazy baton from Rep. Michele Bachman  ha ha
when she suggested that people should barter and haggle with their doctors for health care, rather than rely on insurance. But what she 
said is nothing compared to what a newly minted challenger to Congressman John Hall said in her candidacy's opening remarks.

Kristia Cavere  is a teabagging Rethug candidate for New York's 19th Congressional District seat held by Hall. She firmly believes 
that the Democrats have co-opted Republican values and claims, among other things, that: "The Republicans are the ones who 
liberated Europe in World War II." 

...  Two of the "Republicans" who liberated Europe.

She continued by saying that the Republicans have always initiated "every" advancement of freedom in our history: 
"Unfortunately, today there are many Republicans in office who are cowards and who are bad communicators," she said.
"We have the right ideas, the right principles, the right philosophy and history on our side."

Yet, the voters can't stand you - I wonder why?

Currently, I'd say it was your glee at going to an oil war that 
killed 5,000 soldiers and the bankruptcy of a once-rich nation.

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