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Gibbs' Gaffe Tips Off Conversion
Obama keeps firing the wrong people 


The tirade from "Bozo the spokesman" is a boon to all those who favor reality over delusion.
This White House invective settles it: the president isn't a liberal, barely campaigned as one,
and picked only a smattering of senior liberal advisers. Nor do they have a clue why liberals
and centrists are fleeing in droves, preferring to blame the victim, not hear our horror stories.

American soldiers are dying in stupid, endless wars bankrupting our country. Washington feeds
big corporations and starves, or puts on diet, 80% of the country, with perhaps 50 million people
unemployed, underemployed or hopeless. Leftwing anger is far less about the betrayal of progressive
dreams, even watered-down centrist legislation, or uninspiring Supreme Court nominations.

What infuriates the left is what Obama hasn't done, attend to Task One: Reverse Bush Crimes.
Restore Constitutional protections, investigate and thus heal across-the-boards rights violations,
deal seriously with energy, oil spills, and genuine threats to national security, like climate change.

That this White House doesn't get real-world Main Street concerns is my takeaway, more telling
than the tirades themselves against a fabricated "professional left" which doesn't talk about
Canadian health care or "doing away with the Pentagon." Does obliviousness alone explain
unsolicited aggression by the wobbly Obama team's against its own base, even more puzzlingly,
by making up lies? There's no controversial bill or program on the table - and with the estranged
center aghast at a jobless recovery, why cut and run from the left?

Apparently, Obama thinks he and his team are doing a bang-up job.
I assume he puzzled by his low approval ratings?

Obama needs a new team of advisors and he
needs to remember what he campaigned on. 

I hope Obama wakes up soon because having The Bitch and the Boner run congress
(and America, because Obama will do what they tell him)  is more than I can handle.

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