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Gibbs is Losing Democrats  


Gibbs. Dude. Really. You need to quit talking smack, sit up and pay attention.
You lost my vote last week and it won’t be the first time, either.

You see, Michigan had its primary last week, where the biggest fight on the ballot is for governor.
The voters in this state had a choice between a large field of mostly social conservative wingnuts
on the right, and two DINOs on the left - and from this spread voters were supposed to pick
someone who would dig this state out of the depression it’s been in for years.

Oh, I voted - for all the nonpartisan races like judgeships and county commissioners. I voted for
ballot initiatives. I even voted for myself as precinct delegate. But I didn’t vote for either Democratic
gubernatorial candidate because they are both dirtbag DINOs, just slightly different flavors of the
same crap, the kind of over-promising spin masters of which we have too many in DC...

Come November, I’m absolutely not voting for a Democratic gubernatorial candidate...Before you
just roll your eyes and hit the back button, you need to know I'm not merely the base or the "professional left".
I’m an elected party official, a chair of a Democratic committee at local level. I’m a co-founder of
a local Democratic organization and I’ve spent days-weeks-months of time and a lot of resources
on behalf of Democratic candidates.

In short, I AM the Democratic Party and I am finding it impossible to vote for a Democrat...


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