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Glacier Park faces meltdown
Fuck it, it's just our planet - why bother?


Standing under a cloudless midsummer sky at the Many Glacier Hotel, ranger Bob Schuster gestures toward the
saw-toothed southern horizon and holds up evidence of a changing climate in a place indigenous Blackfeet Indians
dubbed the "backbone of the world." His repeat photographs show the rapid retreat of the 100-year-old park's iconic
geological features, which have declined from about 150 at the end of the Little Ice Age in the mid-19th century to
about two dozen today.

<>Though the views from this northwestern Montana vantage point probably will be just as spectacular a century
from now as they were when the USA's 10th national park was founded in 1910, Schuster's before-and-after
photos illustrate what park experts say could mean dramatic changes to its ecosystem.

"How much of (the glacier loss) is a natural cycle and how much is human-caused is a complex issue,"
says Schuster, who notes recent estimates that the park's last glacier could vanish within 10 to 20 years.


The planet is cooking itself to death - all because the Democrats are too scared to speak up.
Because they are sacless weenies, our planet is being run by BIG OIL and Jim Inhofe-types.

Anyone know how we could get word to Obama that this is serious?

Let's talk about certain cities in South America.
Their glaciers are melting, too.
The difference is, glacier-fed streams are their only source of fresh water.

"Millions if not billions of people depend directly or indirectly on these natural water storage facilities
 for drinking water, agriculture, industry and power generation during key parts of the year."
Achim Steiner, Under-Secretary General of the UN and executive director of its environment programme (UNEP),   Link

Hell, it's only  drinking water for a billion people.
Why should our meek-mice Democrats bother to speak up for something so trivial?

Sure, go ahead, let Jim Inhofe kill those people.|
After all, they have brown skin so they're not worth saving.

"Global warming is a hoax!"

He's right - those melting glaciers are LYING!


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