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Glenn Beck: I'm MLK's twin
Dems refuse to set the record straight


On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Glenn Beck (R-Raped & Murdered a Girl) posted copies of
King's Pledge of Nonviolence and his own nonviolence pledge -- issued in the wake of the
shooting in Arizona -- on his website and urged people to "read both" and "see the similarities."

As Media Matters has previously noted, Beck's pledge is steeped in politics and contains a very
thinly-veiled attack on President Obama. Moreover, Beck has a long history of violent rhetoric
with which potential pledge-signers may not want to associate.

As a rule, comparing one's work to that of the Rev. Martin Luther King's is itself a bad idea.
For a ridiculous right-wing media personality to do it is farcical.

But Beck using MLK Day to tout his "pledge against violence" is especially misguided. The "pledge"
was unveiled last week, in the wake of the Tucson shootings, along with an appeal from Beck to
politicians, effectively daring them to sign it. (That officials may not want to sign onto a document
presented by a clownish Fox News figure, known for pushing the rhetorical envelope to the
breaking point, is apparently unimportant.)

Glenn Beck is as violent a madman as we've had on TV in the last 30 years.

In today's whore-journalism America, the nuttiest handjobs get
the highest ratings and the biggest rewards on payday.

"I'm just like Martin Luther King Jr, too!
 Lock n Load, Don't retreat - RELOAD!"



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