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Glenn Beck Ratings Drop 50% 
 Maybe crazy has diminishing returns

           Viewers are leaving in droves 


Glenn Beck has been in denial about his ratings slide for weeks now. 
First, he claimed that there is no ratings decline for his Fox News show, 
and then he claimed that the weather was to blame for his 33% drop in viewership. 
However by attracting only 1.7 million viewers on Friday, Beck hit a new all time low 
which is now 50% off of his peak audience of 3.4 million.

On Friday, Beck pulled an all time low of 1.776 million viewers, and while this is good enough 
to handily win his time slot, this marked a new low which has quickly turned into a free fall since January. 
At the close of 2009, Beck was still averaging 3 million total viewers a day. At his peak, Beck could draw
3.4 million plus viewers a day. There was talk of him eventually supplanting cable news king Bill O’Reilly.

What should be most troubling to Fox News is that Beck did not have one below average day. He had three. 
Beck’s average number of viewers had fallen to 2.2 million, but on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, he was under that.

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