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Google and Verizon, here to "help"
They just want what's good for us...


First, our policy framework states that consumers should be able to choose any lawful content, services or
applications they want; in other words, they can choose whatever Internet service they want, go to whatever
legal Web sites they want, and use whatever software or applications they want. Our companies have long
supported the FCC's openness principles toward wireline broadband, and we also believe that blocking and
degrading Internet traffic is antithetical to the principle of openness and to consumers' expectations...

So, they won't block, they'll just make it too slow to bother clicking on.
Meanwhile, the drugged-up vulgar Pigboy will be streamed to you in record time.

With respect to wireless broadband networks, we agree that the rapidly evolving wireless Internet is a different
kind of network, with unique technical and operational challenges, demanding different consideration than
wireline networks. Notably, the 4G network that Verizon also is building on the recently auctioned 700
megahertz spectrum is already subject to open Internet rules. This nascent marketplace for wireless broadband
should be allowed to develop further before applying a new set of rules. That said, we believe that wireless
providers should be fully transparent about their practices, and Congress should regularly evaluate the state
of the wireless market to protect consumers' interests."

How about we fuck a bunch of rules and leave everything equal?

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