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Gores at war - with each other
 Tipper making lots of accusations


AL Gore decided to call time on his marriage because he was fed up of wife Tipper accusing him of being unfaithful.

This is what the National Enquirer is reporting:

TIPPER GORE’s jealous rages over other women ripped apart her storybook marriage – and prompted AL 
to pull the plug on their 40-year union!

According to The ENQUIRER, that’s the untold secret behind the shocking split of Al and Tipper 
who stands to get up to $250 million in their divorce!

“While there’s never been proof that Al had affairs, Tipper allowed herself to suspect the worse,” divulged an insider close to the couple.
“I think she’s always believed there was something going on between Al and many of the women in his life.”

If The Enquirer is correct, and they almost always are on these matters, that makes Tipper crazy.

They were happy - except Tipper kept harping on about affairs that may not have happened? 
Al finally got fed up and decided life would be better without her constant nagging?

A forty year marriage destroyed over her groundless suspicions?

That's kinda sad...

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