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Greta's poll proves she's Stupid
 Guy calls her 'stupid' and her viewers agree


Fox News host Greta Van Susteren was so upset by a recent viewer email calling her stupid that she 
put up an opinion poll asking followers to rate who's smarter -- Van Susteren or her detractor, "Brian."

"Who is dumber?" the poll asks. "Greta? Or Brian for watching someone he thinks is dumb?"

So far, Brian is winning.   ha ha
As of May 29, 78 percent of poll respondents agreed that Van Susteren is dumber than Brian.

Last week, Van Susteren received an email from Brian telling her, "Your brain is empty. ... 
It is so empty, if you put a pea in your skull it would rattle around like a BB in a boxcar."    ha ha

A few days later, the legal affairs correspondent had to admit her gambit had failed.

The poll was meant to be "a joke," Van Susteren wrote on her blog Friday. 
"I think it funny. I lost."

Putting up a poll on her intelligence is "a move that Fox executives probably would have tried 
to discourage had they been consulted," writes Michael Calderone at Yahoo! News.

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