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Halliburton - once again
 If there'a disaster, they likely caused it and they'll 
 make hundred of billions of dollars of profit from it.


The Halliburton bastards once led by Dick Cheney became the scurge of the Bush years as one of the biggest (and most troubled) 
Iraq War contractors. But the company had largely faded from public view since President Obama entered office -- until now.

As the provider of crucial cementing services on the oil rig that exploded and set off the massive spill in the Gulf, the Halliburton bastards 
find themselves under scrutiny once again.  While they say they had just four employees on the rig at the time, journalists (Don't make me laugh)
and Congressional investigators are taking a close look at the possible role of cementing in the accident...  Meanwhile, the company has already 
been named in several class action suits brought by groups, like shrimpers, seeking damages for losses expected from the spill.

Halliburton, for its part, released a statement April 30 saying that, at the time of the accident, it "had completed the cementing of 
the final production casing string in accordance with the well design approximately 20 hours prior to the incident. The cement slurry 
design was consistent with that utilized in other similar applications. "

And the company's website currently features a large graphic trumpeting the Gulf of Mexico as "one of the world's most prolific producing areas."
It continues: 'Halliburton technologies have played a key role in the success of many deepwater Gulf of Mexico wells.'"

Did you hear the bastards at BP and the bastards at Halliburton saying, 
"Fixing this well at 5,000 feet under the ocean is like doing surgery in the dark."

Hey, asshole, YOU guys said it was safe so don't tell us how hard it is to stop things from getting worse.
I'll bet I've said this 100 times - it's so much easier to avoid steepijg in the damn hole
than it is to step in it, and break your leg, and then ask for help.

They say the Gulf is already fucked.
That story is a scroll away.

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