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Hanson causes riot in New York?
 Who knew 'old' Tulsa band could still draw a crowd?


A?A free concert by pop band Hanson and Canadian rapper Drake was canceled Tuesday 
after twice as many people as anticipated showed up and many became unruly, police said.

The show started at about 6 p.m. at Pier 17. Hanson, the Tulsa, Okla., brothers behind the 
1997 hit "Mmmbop," and headliner Drake were to appear on stage soon after.

Organizers were anticipating about 10,0000 people but nearly 20,000 showed up, police said. 
Many people climbed roofs and started throwing bottles, as concertgoers smashed together 
toward the stage, police said.

Witness Tamika Johnson told the Daily Whore News, "People in the front were getting crushed."

I hope nobody was hurt because this is a gold mine of great publicity for Hanson.
True or not, they can claim the extra, unexpected thousands had come out for them.

Wouldn't it be a drag to be 21 and knowing your best days were behind you?

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