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How Harry Got His Groove Back
 Reid Plays Hardball With The GOP...Finally


Harry Reid always ran the Senate in a way that drove progressive Democrats crazy: timidly, like a mouse, and unwilling 
to use the body's rules for political advantage. Suddenly, with health care reform behind him, and bleak political prospects 
for both himself and his party staring him in the face, Reid has decided that it's finally time to stand up and act like a man.
That's true, but it's so maddening.
Why wait until your career is f-ing over to act like a man?.

After quarterbacking health care reform through its tricky final moments in the Senate, Reid put the GOP on the spot yesterday, 
forcing them to filibuster a broadly popular Wall Street reform bill, and promises to do so over and over again. He's calling out 
deception, and turning his attention to issues--immigration--that marginalize his opponents, and cleave the Republican party in two.

You see?

All these years I've been urging the Democrats to stand the fuck up.
Harry finally takes my advice and look at the good things that are happening
Why, Harry, why were you such a spineless wimp for all those years? 

We weren't asking you to BE a man, just ACT like one.

You're like a great prize fighter who drank, smoked and chased women in his twenties.
Now that you're 38, you want to start to get serious about winning the heavyweight title?

It doesn't work that way, Harry - why didn't you listen?

"I think basically he made the mistake of trusting Lieberman and the Republicans, and he got screwed 
by them and now he's learned," Howard Dean said this morning.

But Harry, the evidence has always been clearer than Lake Concha - why didn't you see it?

"I like Harry Reid a lot," Dean said. "He's a guy who wants to trust people but he knows the Republicans 
aren't going to cooperate with him based on his experince with him during the health care bill."

Gee, Harry could've read  and learned those lessons years ago, but noooooooooooooo.
You chose to be Bush's cabanaboy instead of the top Democrat in the senate.  Why, Harry, why?

Dean discounted the extent to which Reid's own personal political prospects are guiding his new approach.
"Probably not that much," Dean lied to help an old friend.. 

"I think all of the Democrats are going to be helped by taking these issues on." Reid has suggested that 
he'll prioritize the politically charged issue of immigration over the more complex issue of climate change, 
once the Senate passes financial reform.

Harry, you could've been a contender.
Instead, you were a nine year old girl in pigtails, begging the GOP for crumbs.

Sadly, that makes YOU a crumb, Harry.

You could've been a warrior and a great statesman, 
but you chose to be a meek little mouse, instead.

Good luck in your retirement, Harry.
It's the best thing to happen to the Dems since the 2008 election.

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