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Having your rapist's baby
It's what this GOP House wants for you


Federal funding is only allowed to pay for abortions in the case of rape, incest, and when
the life of the mother is endangered. But a new bill with 173 co-sponsors would further limit
federally funded exceptions, only allowing Medicaid to pay for abortions in the case of "forcible rape."

Forcible rape has no formal definition under federal law, Baumann notes, but legal experts and
abortion advocates told him that the new wording would most likely prevent Medicaid from paying
for abortions for victims of statutory rapes not involving the use of force. Baumann's sources also
told him that the revised wording might also disallow funding of abortions in cases where perpetrators
used date-rape drugs on their victims, or targeted mentally incapacitated women.

Some states have no definition of forcible rape on the books, calling into question
whether any abortions would qualify for federal funding in such jurisdictions.

That's today's GOP - forcing women to have their rapist's baby.
Because they're more moral than women who'd prefer not to go thru that.

Did you ever wonder how things would be if the sick bastards got everything they wanted?

What if no abortions were allowed for any reason.
What if the super-rich never paid a penny in taxes.
What if school prayer was mandatory before every class could start?
What if possession of pot was mandatory life in prison?
What if everyone had an AK-47 and had to carry it at all times?
What if we re-named America "Ronald Reagan."
What if they won every battle - then what?

I'll tell you what - they would want MORE
and they'd want it right f-ing NOW.

I heard a story about the origins of Hollywood's Oscars.
It was NOT started to recognize outstanding achievement in moving pictures.

The way I heard it, Prohibition started in 1919.

The busy-body, know-it-alls who decided nobody should be able to drink anything ever
had won their war and they realized they had this giant society-changing apparatus
any purpose so they looked around at what else needed "fixing" and they
decided this newfangled "movie business" was bad and needed prohibition, too.

THAT'S why Hollywood big shots joined together and formed the organization
that now is mostly know for giving out the little statues.  They got together to
strategize about how to keep their profession going and how best to fight off
busy-body, know-it-alls who decided nobody should be able to see movies.
(There's no mention of any of this at Wikipedia, it's just something I heard
 possibly during the red carpet for the Golden Globes or SAG awards.)

Republicans and their mission to decide what's best for everyone is like a
six year old with a hammer - suddenly everything needs hammering.

This is why the bastards must be stopped.
If they win an inch they'll take the next ten miles.

Wish our president and our elected mice in Washington understood that.



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