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JD Hayworth: 'Birther bill' doesn't go far enough
 He's in a 'crazy contest' with McCain - good luck, JD


McCain primary foe J.D. Hayworth is critical of the so-called "birther bill" because it doesn't go far enough.

Hayworth, who has cited the possibility of "identity theft" as a reason to want to see Obama's birth certificate, 
said the Arizona measure is "too narrowly drawn" because it would force only presidential candidates to 
produce evidence of their citizenship and other qualifications...

"It's real simple: We now require voters to offer proof that voters are who they say they are," Hayworth said. 
"If we're asking that of voters, shouldn't we ask candidates prove that they are who they say they are?"

I guess Hayworth thinks the "real" Obama is tied up in some basement in Chicago, and the intelligent 
Black man in Washington who's saving us from Bush's crime spree is some kind of impostar?

I say we let the "imposter" finish up, and then we'll check his ID.

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