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Here comes impeachment


I've been asking for guesses about when the first impeachment resolution will be filed in the House (leave your prediction here). 
To be fair, Iíve already been wrong about one thingóI predicted that Michele Bachmann would have introduced a resolution 
by now (actually, I predicted April 15). So perhaps Iím just as much of an alarmist as those Republicans who believed that a 
Pelosi-led House would impeach George W. Bush in 2007. Perhaps! But I donít think so. In fact, impeachment talk moved 
yesterday from Tea Party rallies to at least one Republican Member of the House, Darrell Issa. And Issaís not an obscure 
backbencher; heís the ranking Republican on Oversight and Government Reform, and he also sits on the Judiciary Committee.
The incentives all run to impeachment, as far as I can tell. The leaders of such an effort would find it easy to cash in (literally, I mean) 
with books and appearances on the conservative lecture circuit. Itís hard to believe that Rush, Beck and the rest of the gang wouldnít
be tripping over each other to wear the crown of the Host Who Brought Down the socialist gangster president. 

And weíve seen the ability, or I should say the lack thereof, of rank-and-file GOP pols to stand up to the talk show yakkers. 
Besides, itís not as if a new Republican majority would have a full agenda of legislative items to pass, and what they did have 
would face an Obama veto (and most likely death in the Senate at any rate). Against all that is the collective preference of the
Republican Party not to have a reputation as a pack of loons, but that doesnít seem to be much of a constraint in practice. 

Of course, also against impeachment is the lack of a serious offense by the president, but I donít see that as a major impediment
óif offering a job to a potential Senate candidate is an impeachable offense (and see Jonathan Chait if you think it really is), 
then theyíll have no trouble at all coming up with something.

If Republicans gain control of the House in January, (not at all likely) Obama will be impeached.

I believe every Democratic presiodent will be impeached until Democrats start to act like men instead of mice. 

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