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Hillary in 2012
She's even more qualified than last time 


The secretary of State has been quite magnificent at her job, the only member of the Obama Cabinet
who has not looked mediocre or worse in recent months. If The New York Times were functioning
as it would, without doubt, under a Republican administration, there would, by now, have been a
Page One story--above the fold!--headed: 'Clinton Forges Own Path in Foreign Policy.'

In an administration that has become a byword for overreach, Hillary has struck a tone of hard-nosed,
understated dignity, of no-nonsense professionalism, of a pant-suited determination in telling contrast
to the panty-waist in the White House.

My thesis is simple: If Obama wishes to be re-elected in 2012, he would hamstring himself if he did not
hire Hillary as his running mate. Biden has served his purpose. He should be offered the vista of a
dignified retirement and the prospect of a vice-presidential library in Scranton, Pennsylvania, that
'absolute jerkwater of a town' where he was raised. (Would Obama dare to dangle Biden before
the nation as a Supreme Court nominee? Don't count it out. Remember Harriet Miers!) It is quite
unlikely that Biden would agree to replace Hillary as secretary of State, as some have suggested.

Was it Carville who said if Hillary gave Obama one of her cojones, they'd each have two?

I don't think Obama can "nice" his way to victory in 2012.
He desperately needs a fighter on his team and Joe's not quite up to it.

Then Hillary can run on her own in 2016 when she's 72?

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