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Hispanics flee Arizona 
 Get out before they get you


Arizona's tough new immigration enforcement law is fueling an exodus of Hispanics from the state 
seven weeks before it goes into effect, according to officials and residents in the state.

Reports from school officials, businesses and individuals indicate worried Hispanics both legal 
and illegal are leaving the state in anticipation of the law, which will go into effect July 29.

Schools in Hispanic areas report unusual drops in enrollment. The Balsz Elementary School District is 75% Hispanic, 
and within a month of the law's passage, the parents of 70 students pulled them out of school, said District Superintendent 
Jeffrey Smith. The district lost seven students over the same one-month period last year, and parents say the new Arizona 
law is the reason for leaving.  "They're leaving to another state where they feel more welcome," he said.

TRENDS: Ariz. Latinos register as Democrats

The number of Latinos registering to vote as Democrats in Arizona has jumped from 100 a week 
to 500 in the seven weeks since a tough new immigration law was adopted, The Arizona Republic reports.

Does this mean Arizona will be won by a Democrat in 2012? 

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