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Where, When? 


Mr. Bart:

That image shows a Russian soldier placing the Russian (victory) flag atop the German Reichstag.

After that, things get a bit murky as to the actual date.

According to Dean Lucas (,
"... at 10:40 PM on April 30, 1945 a 27-year-old Mikhail Petrovich Minin climbed the statue and inserted
the flag in Germania's crown. But this first night flag raising wasn't captured on film.

"Finally Khaldei was able scale the now pacified Reichstag to take his picture. The official story was that two
soldiers: Georgian Meliton Kantaria (to please Stalin who was also Georgian) and the Russian Mikhail Yegorov
 had raised the flag on April 30. Further conflicting events made things even more confusing when reports
emerged that a group of men led by Sergei E. Sorokin made it to the roof and also planted another flag.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union it emerged that due to political factors the subjects of the photo were
changed and the actual man to hoist the flag, in the picture, was Alyosha Kovalyov. Accounts would emerge
that Kovalyov, a Ukrainian, was told by the NKVD to keep quiet about his role in the flag raising. The other man
supporting Kovalyov was revealed in 1996 to be Abdulkhakim Ismailov. In addition to officially naming him as
the man in the photo the Russian government gave him a Hero of Russia medal."

So—it might have been April 30, 1945, but it's unclear if the photo was a
recreation of an event that had not been photographed when it originally happened.

 Charles E

Charles, that was good - thanks.

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