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 Someone suggested this was Korea, 1951-52.

 I count at least four of these "tanks" firing - can you imagine what that sounded like?
 Before PTSD, they called it "Shell shocked" which you can understand from this picture.

 We lost about 40,000 soldiers in that war - and 2 million civilians.
 Here we are sixty years later and that war is still going on.

 I have an idea how to solve the Korean crisis but you're not going to like it.
 What if we evacuated South Korea and Japan and then called Lil' Kim's bluff?

 If you didn't hear, a North Korean sub recently blew up a South Korean military ship, killing 42.
 Even tho we have the North Korean torpedo pieces, NK claims it wasn't them and they said that
 any retaliation would mean "all out war."

 We can't allow them to blow shit up with no consequences and we can't do nothing,
 so I suggest an evacuation that should scare NK to death.

 Once we get most of SK and Japan evacuated, we go in and take NK's nukes.

 And before you tell me what a bad idea that is - what's YOUR solution?  Doing nothing?

 Pretty soon NK will say, "We want 100M tons of food and oil and gold or we blow you up."
 As Barney Fife used to say, "Nip it in the bud!" 

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