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Honoring the Founding Fathers
  by Dana Milbank


On Tuesday, Rep. Rob Bishop (R-Utah), a member of the House GOP's majority transition committee,
introduced a constitutional amendment that would allow a states to nullify federal laws with which they disagree.

"This repeal amendment gives states a weapon, a tool, an arrow in their quiver" he said. Of course, states have
fired similar arrows before, and it led to a Civil War and Jim Crow - but Bishop wasn't going to get into that.

"I actually hope to have a series of statutes and amendments that we can introduce this year," Bishop continued,
"with the sole goal of not just cutting down the power of Washington, but more importantly, is to empower states."

Several amendments? Would it be easier if they just got some red pens and walked over to the National Archives to do the job?

Lest you think this is a hair-brained scheme by one Republican lawmaker, consider that the Repeal Amendment,
as proponents call it, has won the endorsement of the next House majority leader, Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.).

They Rethugs want to fight the Civil war all over again - why?
Because they didn't like the way the last Civil War ended.

They want Blacks to go back to "slave" status and they're not shy about saying so.



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