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How Obama Won Big
He made the lame duck quack


When the lame-duck session of Congress started more than a month ago, Obama looked defeated
and deflated, publicly acknowledging the "shellacking" his party had taken in the November midterm elections.

Now, a six-week session that was expected to reflect a weakened president has turned into a surprising success.
On Wednesday, Obama signed into law the repeal of the military's ban on openly gay service members, and the
Senate approved a new nuclear treaty with Russia that the president had declared a top priority.

Those accomplishments come after Obama successfully negotiated a free-trade agreement with South Korea,
reached a deal with Republicans that extended unemployment benefits and prevented a tax hike for millions
of Americans and signed a bill that will make school lunches healthier.

This blitz of bill signings completes a dramatic first two years for the nation's first black president that included
the enactment of arguably the most major liberal policies since the Johnson administration but also the Democrats'
biggest loss of House seats in 72 years.

After the election defeats and bitter battles over the health care and financial regulation legislation, the next
two years were widely expected to be tied up by gridlock between the GOP-controlled House and the
Democratic president. But the past month suggests the future could be different.

So - who can tell me what changed?
The Party of No is suddenly saying Yes to everything - why?

The dogs are no longer snarling.

The dogs are now cute little puppies, licking the back of Master Obama's hand.

I wonder why?

I'm a little worried because we've seen Obama negotiate before.
What deal did he make to get Bitch & Boner's co-operation on so many different issues?

When the super-unreasonabale start being reasonable,
it's time to watch your back and strengthen your defense.


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