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How Pelosi and Reid killed Obama's Presidency
Short essay by Bart 

 Link  (Then scroll to bottom)

The biggest changes in Obamacare, such as the new purchasing pools and requirement for
everyone to carry insurance, don't kick in until 2014. Among changes taking effect this week:

_Young adults can remain on family health plans until they turn 26.

_Free immunization provided for kids.

_Free preventive care provided, such as mammograms and cholesterol screenings.

_No more lifetime coverage limits, and annual limits start to phase out.

_Plans can't cancel coverage for people who get sick.

_No denial of coverage for kids with pre-existing health conditions.

Why couldn't that have been the entirety of the new Health Care law?

Maybe take 2-3 pages for each plank and end up with 19-pages of health care reform.
It's fast, it's easy to understand, looks like common sense, etc.

Tell me, which of those six planks could the GOP beat up the most badly?

OK, so you get that passed with even some Republicans going along because
that train's taking off and who wants to be the Rethug who voted against
sick kids with pre-existing conditions?
So far, so good.
Everyone loves the plan and Obama is hailed as a genius and a hero.
His approval rating is stuck at 68.

Then next year, you phaze in Step Two, which is whatever is still yet to come.
Do the same thing, use 2-3 pages per plank and pass it like you passed this one.
When it's all over, you have a less-than-100 page health care plan ...and a second term.

See how easy it could've been?

Instead, someone got to Obama and said, "You need to run your presidency over to Pelosi
and Reid and then go on vacation and host little league teams back at the White House."

Meanwhile, Reid & Pelosi went bat-shit crazy adding hundreds of tons of pork to the HC plan.
They balloon that bastard into almost 3,000 pages, which is perfect!  Nobody's going to read that
so we can put in hundreds of secret passages that are so ambiguous they could mean anything.

This week we've got a health care plan coming online that has a 37% approval.
In a country desperate for health care reform, you guys can't even win over 40%.
Teabaggers are running on the platform: "I'll repeal your health care."

Obama is umltimately to blame for shirking his responsibilities here, but who is the culprit who added
another 2800 pages of pork and horseshit
to the HC bill America desperately needed?

And why would a smart guy like Obama accept a 3,000 page plan?
Why didn't the White House call me and ask if I thought such idiocy would fly?
See how easy it could've been?

So now we're stuck with the 10,000 pound leaden albatross - perfect.
Things couldve been so different.


We're not totally screwed - not yet.
There's always a chance Obama will decide to come to work at some point in the future.
Let's hope that happens.  

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