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Subject: How to prevent BP disasters 

After a terrible blow-out and spill in the North Sea in the 1980’s, 
the Norwegian government made all existing oil wells drill relief wells. 

Any new wells would need a minimum of one relief well – government tested, 
before allowing any oil to be pumped from the new well.

That’s smart insurance.
The Reagan administration rejected the idea as too much big government.

Too bad we can't get a Democrats to list that fact.
There are 3800 oil wells in gulf of Mexico that the USA leases rights to, so why not 
make it mandatory for each company to drill at least one relief well on each, just in case?

I agree, but our Right-leaning president may prefer to please Boner and The Bitch.

And make it mandatory that all workers involved must be American citizens – and this 
does NOT mean an American contractor who can hire whomever he pleases.
All workers must all be American citizens.
This gives the USA jobs we so desperately need AND helps prevent 
the type of human tragedy and ecological disaster this one has become.
The oil companies can easily afford this.
Wrong - the greed of oil men is insatiable - they can't help it.
Why do you think Cheney stole the hardest job in the world after 3 heart attacks?

Some clown at BP bet all the billions the company had on that $500K blowout preventer
Jesus, that was a stupiud gamble but - they wanted that extra $500K

Too bad there is no way for the little guy to reach team Obama 
with this suggestion because it would help him too, immensely!
 Sel in Jacksonville, FL

Dude, you're in Jacksonville?
That means you'll be getting tar balls by September.

Sorry about that.

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