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Idiot Sisters' Lawsuit 


An 87-year-old Connecticut woman doesn't have to split her share of a $500,000 lottery jackpot with the 
84-year-old sister she hasn't spoken to since they began fighting over the windfall in 2005, a judge ruled Wednesday.

Rose Bakaysa and Theresa Sokaitis stopped speaking shortly after Bakaysa refused to give Sokaitis any winnings from 
the Powerball jackpot, split by Bakaysa and their brother, Joe Troy. A judge ruled Wednesday that Bakaysa can keep her share.
"There is something in this tragedy that touches most people," Judge Swienton wrote in her decision. 

Sokaitis says they signed a notarized contract a decade earlier to split all gambling profits, but Bakaysa says that deal
ended in 2004 during a spat over a few hundred dollars. The judge ruled that the contract ended during the argument.

Whatever your age, screwing your family is rarely a good idea.

But being in your late 80s, what are you going to do with $500,000?
Save it for some rainy day in the future?

These two could've sailed the world in their final years.
Instead, they're both bitter and alone - and one has plenty of money.

Think about the vulgar Pigboy - he's got nothing.
There's no amount of money he can offer a woman to stay with him.

If you're alone, you can pay bills with a lot of money but you can't have 
any fun with it because you'll eventually realize what a heartless bitch you are.

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