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Subject: Idiot administration -  Obama gives Palin a talking point on a platter

 In her response to Obama's oil speech Sarah Palin said.

""What the federal government should have done is accept the assistance of foreign countries, 
  of entrepreneurial Americans who have had solution that they wanted presented. 
  They can't even get a phone call returned, Bill."

When I first read that I thought it was just another obvious lie. 
After all the story about the Maine oil boom maker was a stupid lie, 
why not the stuff about the rejection of Dutch and Norwegian aid?

Four weeks after the nation's worst environmental disaster, the Obama administration saw no need 
to accept offers of state-of-the-art skimmers, miles of boom or technical assistance from nations 
around the globe with experience fighting oil spills.

The Daily Howler has more detail on the story.

I was not able to navigate The Howler.

What fucking brain trust rejects help from experts?
Their excuse for this idiocy is that they trusted British Petroleum.

Come on kids, how slow do you have to be to trust the people that fucked up 
and reject the people that set safety standards which could have prevented this disaster?

On the level of policy this is a stoopid error that should get some people fired and hopefully
will make Obama re-eavaluate who he listens to and how decisions are made.

I don't know about policy, but politically, he's made one disasterous move after another.
His two biggest failures are:
He apparently believes everything told to him by BP, Boner and Mitch the Bitch.

He refuses to come to work - he thinks everything will be OK if he just stays calm.

On the political level this is sooper stoopid. 
Making Sarah Palin an honest woman? 
Please, what kind of rookie idiot made that call?

You never give the enemy ammo.

Even if the foreign aid hadn't been needed the administration could have (and should have) 
put it in the pipeline immediately. They should have trumpeted that information so that everyone 
knew that the administration was reaching out for every bit of expertise they could find.

Idiots idiots idiots,

We used to think it was great when Obama kept his cool and never got excited.
Well, when the damn house is on fire, I' want to to see him fully awake but he's still asleep.

Does Obama know - to this day - that this is a big fucking deal?
Or does he see the Gulf as "one of many things" he's concerned about, like fucking tort reform?

Obama is the only person in the world who can put Palin in the White House.

I wish he wouldn't do that.

It might be time for Hillary to resign as Secretary of State.

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