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Idol Tour sucks, dates cancelled
Maybe people didn't like your fixed outcome?


The 2010 Idols Live Tour only launched last week, on July 1, but apparently the tour
is already in serious trouble. While last year's Idols Live Tour with the Season 8 cast
was considered a coast-to-coast success, with sold-out stadium dates in most markets,
several shows on this year's trek have been rescheduled ("Idol" fans in Chicago,
Cincinnati, Indianapolis, and Bridgeport, Connecticut better recheck their calendars)
or even canceled altogether ("Idol" fans in Cleveland, Toronto, Winnipeg, Omaha,
Kansas City, and Portland, Maine are just flat out of luck). Other dates remain up in the air;

Last year people knew they were going to see Adam Lambert.

Who would stand in line for a Lee Dewise concert,
besides the judges who loved him more than their own kids?

Plus next year you don't have Simon ...and Ellen is the new boss.
Good luck with that.

I hope whoever convinced you making this The Ellen Show
is giving campaign advice to the GOP.
How did you guys manage to ruin TV's top earner?


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