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If Obama moves farther right...
He loses everybody and everybody loses


The latest poll on jobs and the economy has a clear message for the President and his party:
Stand up for jobs, and protect Social Security and Medicare. The results couldn't be clearer.
Yet it's still rumored that the President's State of the Union will emphasize deficit reduction
over job creation, and the White House has refused to assure worried Democrats that the
President won't also propose cuts to Social Security.

How many polls will it take to convince the White House that this is political suicide?
How many expert analyses will it take to persuade them that its premature to make
deficits the priority when the country desperately needs jobs and economic growth?

The latest poll strongly reinforces the findings of earlier polls: Voters overwhelmingly want
their government to emphasize job creation and economic growth over deficit reduction,
and they are opposed to cutting Social Security or Medicare.

The bottom line? Obama's in danger of moving in a direction that will lose everybody he needs.
Literally every demographic group he and his party needs will be alienated by a right-leaning set of policies.

Was Obama shot?
They said after Reagan was shot, he figured God has some "master plan" for him.

Obama seems to be acting the same way. Ever since he was sworn in he acts like
his presidency is on auto-pilot and all he has to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.
He doesn't want to come to work, he doesn't want to fight for Democratic principles,
he just wants to be popular and he wants the racist, snarly dogs to accept him.

He also seems to strongly agree with whoever the last person he spoke to,
and lately, that always seems to be a Republican.

I'm worried about this State of the Union speech.
Obama seems to think "working together" means agreeing with the enemy.

If he proposes cutting Social Security and Medicare,
will the Left run a primary opponent against him next year?
Even a faux opponent might deliver the message: Act like a Democrat!

It pisses me off that we won the last presidential election
but we still ended up with a Republican president.

How many primaries would Obama have won in 2008
if he'd told us then what kind of president he would be?


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