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Subject: If you don't like socialism...

Stop driving on public streets, highways, freeways and any other roadway built, maintained and monitored by taxes.
Stop sending your children to public schools.
Donít call 911 to get help from the police, fire department, or an ambulance.
Stop using electricity, water, and sewage from public works.
Stop buying food and taking medicine that is regulated by the FDA.
Stop cashing your Social Security or unemployment check and shred your Medicare/Medicaid card.
Donít file for unemployment benefits, food stamps, or any other form of government assistance.
Stop using the public library.
Stop working for any employer who pays a federally guaranteed minimum wage or complies with OSHA standards.
Stop going to state or national parks or forests while on vacation.
Stop taking your children or dogs to city parks to play and stop walking on public sidewalks.
Donít buy any house that was built, plumbed, or wired to code.
Stop buying goods or services that are required to meet minimum safety standards.
Donít join the military or go to jail where everything you need is provided. 
If youíve been in the military, donít use any of your benefits (Veteransí Hospitals, GI Bill, etc.).
Donít use a public defender, court appointed lawyer, or the court system.
Stop using the United States Postal Service to send mail and packages.
Stop complaining to the FCC about TV shows that you donít like.
Stop doing anything that could be monitored by the NSA, FBI, or CIA.
Donít expect FEMA to help you after a natural disaster.
Andrea the Anthropologist

Here's one for Arizona:  Stop waiting for the feds to build your dang fence.

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