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In Defense of Helen Thomas
Is there a defense if you're misquoted as saying 
something less-than-flattering about Israel?


They say Helen Thomas should not be allowed to practice journalism because she seemed to indicate 
the belief that the Palestinians are the rightful inhabitants of Israel, and that Israel should "go back to Germany."

Oh, perfect.
Even her defenders are lying about what she said.

Further, there was the suggestion Helen Thomas favors deporting Jews back io Germany with the attendant 
innuendo of extermination as if that's all the Germans should be remembered for is gas chambers. Apart from 
the obvious anachronism, it struck me as egregiously unfair, so I posted a comment suggesting that the blogger consider:

1) Helen Thomas will turn 90 years old in exactly two months from today
2) Ms. Thomas is of Lebanese descent.
3) She was among John F. Kennedy's most beloved reporters, and is a widely respected journalist 
    who has been in the newspaper business for 60 years.

I got a nasty comment in response, so I responded by saying only that the blogger who posted this inflammatory video clip 
ought to consider going after prominent columnists like Robert Fisk, and others who have consistently sided with Palestinians 
and suggested Israel was an occupying force with no right to the land. It never occurred to this blogger that maybe, just maybe, 
Ms. Thomas is still not over the Israeli bombing of Beirut, a town which may have a family history to her.

But why lie about what she said?

As I always say, if you have to change the facts, then the facts on the ground obviously 
weren't flammable enough so they had to add some gas to make the flames higher.

Why is a truth-teller being run out of "journalism?"

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