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Indiana radio station dumps Beck
 IN is where OK goes to import KKK rallies


A syndicator has been pulling popular radio shows. And which popular shows might those be? 
Why Boss Limpdong’s show, Sean Hannity’s, and… Glenn Beck’s sob fest! 
Maybe they aren’t quite the hits they tell us they are.

Check this out, from late 2009:  "Rush Limbaugh’s popular and controversial talk radio show, 
a mainstay on WPTF AM-680 for more than two decades, will be moving off the Raleigh station 
at the end of the year – a development that signals an impending format flip at a local Clear Channel station."

That was North Carolina. Now this, from Indiana, from May 8, 2010: "WSBT will no longer be able to 
air programs featuring Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck because the syndicator of those programs decided 
to pull them from News Talk 960. The station is using this as an opportunity to become more local, 
more interactive and more about its listeners."...
If this is a pattern, it’s one that should be accelerated.

Is there any evidence that they pull the numbers they claim?

A couple of months ago, Howard Stern (who knows a little about radio) said the vulgar Pigboy
was SIXTH in his timeslot in New York, a dead timeslot where there's no morning of afternoon drive.

Rush brags every day that he's the biggest of all time,
so how can he be if he's running sixth in New York his timeslot?

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