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Inhofe's Jesus Secret
He knows the real reason Jesus died

     "Screw the poor."


Senator James Inhofe (R-White With Foam) has taken at least 20 "missionary" trips overseas since
he's been in office, allegedly paid for by U.S. taxpayers, using military transport.  He is especially fond
of Uganda, boasting that he has "adopted" the East African nation.   In fact, he is so fond of Uganda,
he has invited its leaders to become members of the not-so secret, secret society known as the Family in D.C.,
according to Jeff Sharlet, whose new book, "The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of
American Power" exposes just that.

You may have heard of the Family because of recent sex scandals involving members Sen. John Ensign
and SC's Mark Sanford, who is facing 37 ethics charges for abandoning his job to visit his mistress in Argentina..

Sharlet says the group's founder, Abraham Vereide, claims God appeared to him one night in April 1935
and told him Christianity was focused on the wrong people - the poor, the suffering, the down and out
-  and told Vereide to be a missionary to and for the elite and powerful; thus, the Family is dedicated to
the cultivation of "King Men" who are chosen by God to use his "tools", using King David as a model.

The Family's main tenet is, "Jesus didn't come to take sides, he came to take over." Sharlet says the
core rhetoric of the Family is that Christ's message wasn't about love, mercy, or forgivness as most
of us believe. It was about power.  Coe was quoted as saying Hitler, Stalin, and Chairman Mao
understood this message.  He was quick to admit these were evil men, but he said they understood
power. Coe was labeled a fascist sympathizer after his remarks.

However, Sharlet is quick to point out,  "Doug Coe is not a neo-Nazi, but he fetishizes strength,
looking to build a fellowship of absolute strength. This happened in Somalia, which is now a haven
for Al Qaeda, terrorism, and piracy, all of which the Family regards as 'God's plan'.

So, in their quest for power they've now labeled Jesus a fraud?
Jesus wasn't about helping the poor, he was about robbing them?

If religious people really believed what they claim to believe, they would be outraged
whenever some semi-sane oiled-up handjob perverts their religion, but they seem to be
more interested in political power than eternal salvation, which just proves once again
that religion is a sham that the powerful pull on childish minds.


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