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Iran defies sanctions 
Ahmahandjob laughing at the West


Britain led calls on Thursday for harsher penalties to be imposed on Iran, as Tehran defied a compromise 
U.N. sanctions resolution to punish it for its suspected nuclear weapons programme.

The Security Council approved a fourth round of sanctions in as many years on Wednesday, but Iran said 
it would go ahead with uranium enrichment and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said the U.N. resolution 
should be thrown "in the waste bin."

The 15-nation council passed a resolution that was the product of five months of talks between the US, Britain, 
France, Germany, China and Russia. With 12 votes in favor, it received the least support of the four sanctions 
resolutions adopted since 2006.

Western diplomats argue it gives the EU, United States and allies a legal basis to impose their own tougher measures.

Why are we playing with this guy?

Are we going to wait until they detonate a nuclear bomd?
Then what, we say,
"Who could have predicted they'd have it so fast?"

We've been playing with this madman for four years - while doing nothing.

More on this later in Monkey Mail.

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