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Bachmann, the new Palin?
AKA Don't know much about history...


Is Michele Bachmann the new Sarah Palin?
And do we really need a new Sarah Palin?
Shouldn’t the first one be made to go away before we start considering replacements?

Bachmann, the superconservative member of Congress from Minnesota, made a big splash
on Tuesday night with her Tea Party response to the State of the Union address. True, the
placement of the cameras made her look as if she was talking to an invisible friend, and her
eye makeup had a peculiar zombie aspect to it. But the next day all the attention was on her...

Bachmann is not a zealous fact-checker, as we learned when she claimed the president’s trip
to India would cost the taxpayers $200 million a day, based on an Indian newspaper report
quoting an unnamed provincial official. In the real world, many founders, like Thomas Jefferson,
expressed reservations about slavery but still kept hundreds of slaves, who were the basis of
their personal wealth. Others, like John Adams, never owned slaves and opposed the institution
but compromised on the matter of all men actually being created equal in order to bring the
southern states into the union. And not a single one of the signers of the Declaration of
Independence envisioned in any way, shape or form a democracy in which people of
Michele Bachmann’s gender would sit in the halls of Congress.

The problem here is that in 2011, anyone who is totally batshit crazy is rewarded
with more money and more TV time which translates into more votes.

Bush wrote the blueprint for how being extra-stupid is a plus, and Palin perfected it.
So when Bachmann said that the founding fathers worked tirelessly until slavery
was no more in the United States, it doesn't matter that it's 100% horseshit.

What matters is the Lefty bloggers called her on her stupidity which gives the
always-stick-together GOP Teabaggers an excuse to rally to her defense.

The more stupid Palin and Bachmann act, more contributions come in and they'll
get more offers to go on TV and spew nonsense or lies or nonsensical lies and that
gets them a step closer to the White House.

That's a problem for us sane people.

A Palin-Bachmann ticket might prove impossible to defeat.



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