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Is Bachmann's seat safe?
I would LOVE to run against a crazy person


In Minnesota's "bible belt," pro-choice Democrat Tarryl Clark is taking on bat-shit Michele Bachmann
—and Clarks just might have a shot of winning.

When it comes to enraging liberals, few Republicans in Washington can compete with Michele Bachmann.
Since grabbing headlines in 2008 for calling then-candidate Obama "very anti-American," the crazu woman
has transformed herself from a back-bench newbie into Washington's official ambassador to the teabaggers.
She's denounced the AmeriCorps public service program as "re-education camps for young people," called
upon Americans "to slit our wrists" to stop the health care bill, and declared that Democratic rule had turned
the US into "a nation of slaves"—an unending stream of outrageous soundbytes that have turned her into a
political lightning rod, perhaps rivaled only by Sarah Palin.

But while Bachmann's telegenic rabble-rousing has turned her into an icon of the conservative base, it's also
placed her squarely in the Democratic Party's sights. Having squeaked by her last election by only 3 points,
Bachmann is now facing Democratic state senator Tarryl Clark in what's already become one of the most
expensive House races in the country.

Bachmann, supported by rich conservatives, has already raised $4.1 million as of June 30—and she hauled in
$1.7 million in the last quarter alone, more than any other House handjob during that period. But her status as
a controversy magnet has also benefitted her opponent. Clark's campaign is trying to make the most of
Bachmann's intemperate remarks in its fundraising appeals, sending email blasts after her most outrageous
remarks to the media and even creating a website called "Michele Bachmann Said WHAT?!" Clark has now
banked some $2 million with the backing of Democrats bent on knocking out the "Tea Party Prom Queen."

What could be more fun than running a campaign against a completely insane teabagger?

That web site is a good idea - every crazy thing she says should be reported.
Then make her choke on every damn thing she says.


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