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Is Bob Woodward Crazy?
He thinks Hillary will make a move   by Alex Pareene 

On Tuesday, Bob Woodward talked to CNN's JOhn King. King held up Woodward's book, then repeated
some of that idle Beltway "gossip" that is usually just made up by pundits wishing to speculate. "You know
the talk in town, a lotta people think if the president looks a little weak going into 2012, he'll have to do a
switch there, and run with Hillary Clinton as his running mate."

Now, first of all, "a lotta people" do not actually "think" that will happen. It's something pundits like
Mark Halperin fantasize about. But wishful thinking is not the same as an actual reasonable prediction of future events.

So, King asks Bob Woodward, America's most famous journalist -- the man who speaks to everyone worth
speaking to in the corridors of power, who just finished what he always refers to as "hundreds of hours" of
interviews with everyone at the White House from the president on down -- did he hear anything about a
shocking and unprecedented Clinton-Biden switch?


I don't know why Alex Pareene thinks this idea is "crazy."
It may be Obama's only chance to have a second term.

If Pareene thinks that's "crazy" I must assume he's a Hillary-hater
and he sees her ascension to the White House as America's worst nightmare.

Why is the idea of Biden and Hillary switching jobs "an insult" to Biden?
Maybe he'd rather be Secretary of State than "a bucket of warm spit."

Truth is, Obama has been abandoned by seniors, independents, the middle class, etc.
Hillary is VERY popular in states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia.

What's Biden bringing to the table - Delaware?

But Hillary has a problem - half the Democrats hate her guts.

So would you Hillary haters rather have President Palin?

Half of you are shaking your heads "Yes!"

How did I get in a party that hates to win?


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