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Is Ken Burns a Rethug?

The cats woke me up about 6AM and I couldn't get back to sleep so I turned the TV on.
I had recorded Ken Burns's new baseball doc, "Tenth Inning," and I was expecting greatness.

It started out good, they focused on Barry Bonds and they seemed very sympathetic to him.
"Everybody cheats," and "Who among us wouldn't take a pill to double our salary?" and
"If an aging player can make another $15M by doping, doesn't he owe that to his family?"

I liked that because I don't see steroids at the crime of the century.
Seems to me that anything you do to enhance your performace is OK.
Eldrick had eye surgery and now he sees a golf ball 20 feet away as being 15 feet away.
Should Eldrick be drummed out of golfing for cheating?  I say yes.

But the show continued and I learned a lot, as I always do watching a Ken Burns movie
but then he had to go and insert his personal biases into the mix and I f-ing hate that.

First, after giving Barry Bonds a pass (He was misunderstood, the press was mean to him, etc)
he made Mark McGwire the most evil bastard since Hitler - and McGwire only did LEGAL drugs.

They kept saying things like, "This other dude in this other sport was banned for using Andro,"
implying that McGwire should be stripped of everything, FORGETTING that Andro was legal in baseball.

I like Bonds and McGwire (McGwire more) but why give one a pass and hang the other?

Then Burns turned all serial liar on me and I wasn't expecting that.

He said 1998 was a year when America was FED UP with Clinton and his blow jobs
and they found solace in baseball to get away from evil Clinton's awful sexual peccadilloes.

Ken, you got that ALL WRONG and we must assume you did it on purpose.
We were all alive in 1998 and we all remember what happened.

The public was tired of the GOP WITCHHUNT, not the popular president.

All during impeachment, EVERY poll said, "Stop this madness and fix our country,"
but Ken Burns laid it all at Clinton's feet, FORGETTING that Clinton's approval was
in the high sixties during this while the GOP's approval was where, in the 30s?

WHY did he have to drag his Clinton hatred in to the history of baseball?

I'm disappointed in you, Ken. If you're lying about 12 years ago,
how can we trust you to tell us about the Civil War or the History of Jazz?

So the two-hour first half would've been perfect if you'd treated Bonds and McGwire equally,
but you chose to give one a pass and totally shit on the other guy without explanation.

And WE know what happened in 1998, so why lie to us?
Why lie to the almost 70% who wanted Clinton's impeachment stopped?

Isn't the first rule of a documentary to tell the truth?
Ken Burns, thy name is whore.
What's your next film, "The History of Saint Kenneth Starr?"

Tune into tonight for Part Two of "How Clinton Ruined Baseball."

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