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Is Obama Humble Enough?
  by those wackos at


Here’s the final thought from Politico's analysis of what went wrong for Barack Obama in the midterm elections,
as mid-president John Boehner begins moving his things into the mid-Oval Office:

It may be, however, that Obama is feeling his rebuke more keenly than is apparent to outsiders.

It may, indeed. Though that also implies it may not be, which is something to think about. Possibly the president
had to put on a sadface to meet the press on Wednesday, while secretly bubbling with joy that he wouldn’t have
to listen to the Blue Dogs anymore. Maybe he’s just so psyched about the Dallas Cowboys being in last place
that this whole election thing rolled right off him.

But John F. Harris and Glenn Thrush are certain that this is a moment of reckoning for Obama. The question,
as they see it, is whether the president is too uppity - “thin-skinned and a bit highfalutin’” is how Douglas Brinkley
puts it for them - to listen to all the people who are lining up to tell him why he is a failure who deserved his “comeuppance”...

Politico isn’t after a plausible story, it’s after the Narrative - the things that lawmakers, lobbyists, and veterans of
previous administrations say to reporters in background conversations to explain how history would be different,
if only the people in charge were as smart as they are. Barack Obama is a prisoner of his monstrous ego and
blind self-confidence, and that is why Blanche Lincoln lost in Arkansas.

Did you see Obama on 60 Minutes?
He answered questions like Bill Richardson (not a compliment) and it would seem that
Obama is still deeply in denial - blaming his problems on "ineffective communication."

"Things are working, just not fast enough."
"We lost xxx jobs before I took office, and xxx jobs the month I was sworn in..."

He's saying all the things he's been saying for 2 years - things that don't resonate.



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