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Islamic Law in Oklahoma? 
Cave people are scared of everything


Oklahoma sure doesn't seem like the kind of place where the Islamic law code known as Sharia might take over. 
With just 30,000 Muslims out a population of nearly 3.7 million, and a whole wheat, corn-fed reputation that inspired 
the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical, Oklahoma is about as far from Saudi Arabia -- one Muslim country that follows 
a strict version of Sharia -- as you can get.

But legislators in the Sooner State figure you can never be too careful. Hence their push to put a question on November's
ballot that would ask voters to make state courts rely on federal and state laws when deciding cases and forbid the courts 
from using international law or Sharia law when making rulings.

"Sharia law coming to the U.S. is a scary concept," state Sen. Anthony Sykes, an insane Republican who co-authored 
one proposal, dubbed the "Save Our State" amendment, told The Edmond Sun. 'Hopefully the passage of this 
constitutional amendment will prevent it in Oklahoma.'"

I know - why not pass a law banning tornadoes? 

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