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Somebody needs to say it...  

If you're in Japan and you have the means to leave, I'd do that if I were you.

They keep saying "Everything is fine," but that's what they said
about Ground Zero right after 9-11, too.

If everything is NOT fine, what would be the advantage of telling everyone?
What would the plan be - evacuate the Island of Japan?
Just walk away from all those billions of dollars of investment?

If we "lose" Japan, what happens to the global economy? The super-rich would
rather sacrifice a few thousand "little people" than abandon their hard assets.

Years after Ground Zero, the governement admitted, sorta, "What else could we say?
That mess had to be cleaned up - we couldn't just let the WTC sit there in pieces..."

And American business being what it is - they DAMN sure weren't going to pay
for an army of top people in full Hazmat gear with full medical benefits.

Why do that when Christine Todd Whitman can announce "All is safe," instead?

The people in Japan are potentially gambling with their lives.
Depending on circumstances, the wind will decide who lives and who dies.

And no matter what guarantees they're giving now, the weird cancers won't appear
for several months or several years - by then the guilty will have cashed out and left.

Old Japan had a rule that when you fucked up, you were expected to commit suicide.
I haven't heard of any suicides yet and that tells me rich, greedy Americans are involved
and they have no shame or honor so they're cashing out and running while telling
everyone else to stay and ride it out, "because it's not that bad."

Of course, this is all wild speculation on my part and I could
be 100% wrong,
but I know what insanely rich people do when there's a buck
to be made or saved and the first thing they do is convince the government to lie to you
while they escape with the loot.

We got into this mess, I believe, because the reactor owners gambled and lost.
Greed caused them to skip the safety measures and now you're paying for it.

Nobody believes that all the backup systems failed.
They gambled, like BP in the Gulf, and they got caught.

Lastly, the religiously insane figure God will step in when things get REAL serious.
You and I know God isn't going to do anything because he doesn't exist.

You're on your own and coming to that conclusion sooner
rather than later just might save your life and your family.

Seriously - they gain NOTHING by being honest.
They gain everything by telling you, "It will be all right."


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