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Japan's wind farms save its ass
while their nuclear plants flounder


Japan's wind turbines were to get a new theme song, it would be Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries",
and it would ring out from the hills upon which they stand triumphantly, unscathed by the the country's
earthquake/tsunami double whammy, lifting their skinny, still-turning blades like antennas to heaven.

Isn't that a stupid way to open an opinion column?

While Japan's water-dependent nuclear power plants suck and wheeze and spew radioactive steam,
"there has been no wind facility damage reported by any [Japan Wind Energy Association] members,
from either the earthquake or the tsunami," says association head Yoshinori Ueda.

Even the country's totally badass Kamisu offshore wind farm, with its giant 2 MW turbines with blades
big as the wings on a jumbo jet, and only 186 miles from the epicenter of the largest quake ever recorded
in Japan, survived without a hiccup thanks to its "battle proof design." As a result, the nation's electric
companies have asked all of its wind farms to increase power production to maximum, in order to make up
for the shortfalls brought about by the failure of certain other aging, non-resilient 20th-century technologies.

Unlike conventional power plants, wind turbines don't have to be situated close to sources of water
(always a liability), and their simplicity means fewer potential points of failure.

Bonus: when they break down, no one has to give their life to keep them from turning one of the
world's most densely populated countries into a radioactive hellscape!

We could produce a lot more wind energy but BIG OIL bribes the more crooked party to say,
"Green energy is gay" and they think anything is better than being gay - even being radioactive is better.

And the spineless Democrats aren't much better.



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